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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Music: 4everAdrian - 'So Far Away'

Here is a rough of 'So Far Away' with lyrics ~ You can also go to my channel on YouTube to listen to more songs: www.YouTube.com/4everAdrianMusic


So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
I can't beleive this
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
The distance between me and you
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away

Even in the days and the ways I am missing you
Even in the days and the ways I want to be touching you
Even in the days and the ways you don't know what you mean to me
Come on baby come home, oh you

So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
I can't beleive this
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
The distance between me and you
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away

Come on home, come
Baby I know that you are out there taking it
Taking care of business
Taking care of what we got home
But I'm so alone
And I need you
To come home

So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
I can't beleive this
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
The distance between me and you
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away

Baby, baby please
Please come in closer
The distance between me and you
Baby we are too far, far apart
we need to get in closer
we need to move in closer

So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
I can't beleive this
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
The distance between me and you
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away

There's something that I want to do
With you
So, so, so, so far away
So, so, so, so far away
There's something that I want to do
With You
Yeah but you are so far away

More Songs here ---> www.YouTube.com/4everAdrianMusic


There will be no more stories for now. It's just Music. Read the lyrics, I am sure you will find love there :-)

Friday, December 31, 2010

4everAdrian - New Year



I am going into the new year
With a strong head
On my shoulder
I am going into the new year
Weather if I'm in
Tokyo, Honolulu, Miami or New York
I am going into the new year

With champagne toast once the ball drop
Celebrate a close to a open new year
Excitement just too much it results in tears drop
I am going into the... New Year
On my grind like never before
Yeah 2010 was the year of preparations
All the years before that were for errors
To learn and grow from past mistakes
2011 I'm going to go hard like no other
This is my time once in a lifetime
To prove and pursue my dream
Like when I looked up into the sky
And saw the peach and apple drop
It's the new year to start fresh
To stay on my P's & Q's to deliver top notch
It's time to start the stopwatch

I am going into the new year
With a strong head
On my shoulder
I am going into the new year
Weather if I'm in
Tokyo, Honolulu, Miami or New York
I am going into the new year

Looking up to the clock
While everybody's watching
From the hours
To the minutes
To the last seconds
To tell this year goodbye
Supply with no reply
Kiss it good-bye
The time is now

I am going into the new year
With a strong head
On my shoulder
I am going into the new year
Weather if I'm in
Tokyo, Honolulu, Miami or New York
I am going into the new year

Partying tonight
Having a good time
In the new year... year, year yeah

I am going into the new year
With a strong head
On my shoulder
I am going into the new year
Weather if I'm in
Tokyo, Honolulu, Miami or New York
I am going into the new year

Yes I'm going

Filling The Emptiness

I've smiled
I've cried
I've been hurt
Beyond what I can take
But for some reason
I am still here
Standing Strong
I've laughed
I've lost
I've longed
For something more
For something worth the while
I have been
I am now
I will be
I've spent
I've repented
I've grown
To be better then what I used to be
I am me

A Close To A Open New Year

Today is the last day of 2010, before we tell it good bye at midnight. I want us all to look back and remember everything that happened. Remember all the moments, trials, and errors. Tell it good bye and get ready to start off fresh, better and stronger for the New Year of 2011. Let's celebrate and have a good time.

I want to personally THANK everyone that's been showing me so much love to continue to pursue my dreams. Because of better love in the last year that made it so much stronger for this year it will only grow bigger for the year to come. Thank you for your support and interest in who I am and what I am here to deliver.

Bigger, Better and Sexier Things Coming in 2011!

Happy New Year

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jackass: Chapter

Chapter 1: Where Are We?

The tires screech as the car tries to avoid the oncoming car. News Reporter: “Two couples were killed in a car collision by a drunken driver. It seems like the intoxicated driver lost control of the car and drove across the median and struck the vehicle of Sam and Diana Hams. There were no survivors from this accident.” ~~~ “Where are we?” I asked. “Steven, are mom and dad ok?” Betty asked. “Sit still, we are contacting your relatives, someone will be here soon to pick you up,” said the officer. The door open, “Grandma!” Betty ran and hugged her. “I am so sorry baby,” Glory said as she held Betty closed to her. I walked up to her, “Grandma what happen?” “Your parents were killed in a car accident,” “so they are not coming back,” Betty asked. “No, I am afraid they are not,” tears rolled down my grandmother cheeks as she told me and my sister the news. For days I did not sleep or eat. I started to lose weight which was becoming unhealthy because I became only skin and bones. My life will never be the same again; losing both of my parents at the age of nine and my sister eight. I felt like it became my responsibility to make sure that she was taken care of. Any way that I could get my hands on money, I will do whatever it takes.
It has been nine years since my parents were killed, but for some reason it felt like it was earlier this evening they left us behind with the babysitter as they went out on the town. I spent many nights sitting by my bedroom window, watching every car driving by; hoping that one will pull into the driveway and it will be them getting out of it. I never thought I would ever lose my parents, well not so early in life. I remember my dad telling me that I have to go to college after high school and that he and mom will be there to watch me walk across the stage but that became a lie. Without my parents’ guidance, I lost track of life. I kind of gave up and went the other way.
It is my senior year in high school and I have not applied for any colleges or scholarships; because I am afraid of leaving my sister behind. She is really all that I have left. I have worked a few summer jobs here and there but they were not really good on bringing in money. By time I got paid on Friday, by Monday my check was done. It wasn’t like I was blowing my money on drugs or anything like that; I spent most of it on my sister making sure she had new shoes, clothes and school supplies. My grandmother always fuss when she see me spending my money on my sister, saying that she will provide for our needs. But my Grandmother is sixty-six years old, working underneath the table so she can still collect her social security from the government to pay the bills and buy food for the house. I don’t think it’s fair for her to have to raise my sister and me when she has already raised all of her own kids.
I want the best for Betty; I always encourage her to go above and beyond in everything that she is doing. I make sure she does her school work, projects and I also got her on the cheerleading squad; seeing her smile makes me feel like I am doing my job as a big brother. I took pictures of every A mark that she got on her school work and kept it in my personal photo album. The last picture in the album is one with me and Guy. It’s a goofy picture and no one knows the real story that is behind it; he is my ex. We met when I moved in with my grandmother and ever since then we been best of friends, we did everything together. Some nights I will spend the night at his house or he will stay over at mine; it became a bond that was unbreakable. Where you saw him, you saw me vice verse.
My freshman year in high school on my birthday; he bought me a ring and asked me out. It was the first time he had ever expressed himself to me in that kind of way but I had to admit; I was in love with him. He was the brother I never had; that imaginary friend that came alive. It was the first time I felt loved again, since my parents. We broke up at the end of our junior year, right before summer vacation. He told me, I am not mature enough to be with him and I cannot blame him but I still do love him. I closed the album as I saw a car pull into the driveway; I smiled.

"Stop being a Jackass"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gonna Find My Love 2: Hidden Agenda - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Who Could Have Known

[Scene is Club Hurricane]

Christopher Johnson: Hold on, it was you

{Flashes back}

Christopher Johnson: you are the one… (grabbing his head)

(Adrian is a little tipsy)

Adrian Thompson: CJ what are you talking about?

(Miguel notice where things were heading)

Christopher Johnson: yeah it was you (looking over the other side of the club and spotted Ryan) you used him, didn’t you?

Miguel Fiske: baby let’s go (pulling Adrian towards the door)

Adrian Thompson: why are we leaving already, I still feel like dancing

Christopher Johnson: Adrian! Come back here

(CJ is trying to following behind them but is having a hard time because people keep walking in between them)

Christopher Johnson: Adrian! Adrian! Adrian! (Shouting)

(Adrian cannot hear CJ because the music DJ Wind is playing)

Miguel Fiske: why don’t we just head to a hotel and celebrate us being official

Adrian Thompson: awww… you want to do that, I am so for it

(Adrian and Miguel leave the club and enter their car)

(They drive off as CJ walk out into the parking lot)

(CJ jump inside his car and drives over to Adrian’s loft but doesn’t see his car)

(CJ calls Adrian several times but get no response)


[Scene is the Hotel Room]

(Miguel and Adrian enter the room)

Adrian Thompson: ohhh I have to use the bathroom (placing his keys and phone onto the stand and rushes to the bathroom)

(Miguel takes Adrian’s phone and turns it off and put it back on the table)

(Adrian walks out of the bathroom)

Adrian Thompson: did someone call me?

Miguel Fiske: No (taking Adrian’s hand and leading him to the balcony)

(Miguel stands behind Adrian with his arm wrapped around him)

Adrian Thompson: this sight, this feeling is just so beautiful

Miguel Fiske: look (pointing outwards)

(Fireworks bust off in the air)

(The colors reflect off Adrian’s smile as the two stand there watching)

(Adrian looks back and closes his eyes, then start french kissing Miguel)

[Scene changes to Club Hurricane]

(CJ walks back into the club)

Ryan Brown: brother what are you doing here?

Brian Brown: I don’t know, Vanessa found out

Ryan Brown: She what?!? (laughing) I knew she was going too

Brian Brown: man whatever, I don’t even feel like talking about it anyway

(CJ walks up behind Ryan and tap him on the shoulder, Ryan turns around)

Christopher Johnson: who is he?

Ryan Brown: who are you talking about? Are you talking about him (pointing to Brian) that is my brother

Christopher Johnson: no, that night, the guy that was with you

Ryan Brown: I don’t know what you are talking about; you got me confused for someone else

Christopher Johnson: he was just with Adrian

Ryan Brown: (rolling his eyes at the sound of Adrian) are you talking about Miguel

Christopher Johnson: that’s his name?

Ryan Brown: yeah, what about him?

Christopher Johnson: what do you know about him?

Ryan Brown: nothing but I want to know more about you again (getting flirty)

Christopher Johnson: save it (walking away)

(CJ walks into Terry)

Terry Boldman: What’s up man?

Christopher Johnson: have you heard from Adrian

Terry Boldman: nah, he left with what’s his name

Christopher Johnson: call his phone

(Terry calls Adrian’s phone but it went straight to voicemail)

Terry Boldman: it went straight to voicemail, is everything ok?

Christopher Johnson: no, everything is not ok

(CJ leaves the club and Terry walks over to Frank)

Terry Boldman: you two love birds need to get a room, the club is not the sex room

Jon Morgan: (giggle and wipe below Frank’s bottom lip)

(Frank smile and pull Jon back closer to him)

Frank Utter: no one will mind if we sex in the club

Jon Morgan: no they won’t, after they see me bring it back on you they are all gonna want what you got

Frank Utter: oh yeah

Jon Morgan: but they ain’t gonna get none

Frank Utter: is that so?

Jon Morgan: yes daddy!

(Jon turns around and starts slow grinding his ass on Frank)

(Terry looks at them smiling, shaking his head)

(Bruce walks up from behind Terry and run both of his hands down Terry’s body)

(Terry looks over his shoulder and sees that it’s Bruce)

(Terry turns around and picks Bruce up and start dancing with him)

(Frank taps Jon to look at Terry and Bruce)

(Jon and Frank smirk then keep doing their own thing)

[Scene change to Hotel Room]

Adrian Thompson: man that felt so good (resting his head back on the pillow)

(Miguel curls up under Adrian’s arm)

Miguel Fiske: do you want to do it again?

Adrian Thompson: no that is enough foreplay for now (kissing Miguel on the lips)

Miguel Fiske: ok but do you want to know something?

Adrian Thompson: what?

Miguel Fiske: I don’t even know if I should tell you right now because it is still kind of early

Adrian Thompson: Miguel please, to the point

Miguel Fiske: I am just so glad that you came back into my life

Adrian Thompson: Miguel…

Miguel Fiske: hold on Adrian, let me finish; I wanted to be with you for a very long time and I even did a lot of things that you probably wouldn’t be happy with but

Adrian Thompson: like what kind of things?

Miguel Fiske: let me finish… (Adrian gets silent) Thank you. I am in love with you, Adrian. I fell so hard for you the first day my eyes laid on you and I never want to do anything that will hurt you. I am sorry for my behaviors and the way I was acting before, it’s just that I couldn’t see myself without you after spending all that time trying to get with you and then being with you. You became a part of my life and when you left me, it got so dark and I just had to get my light back. I hope you can understand my feelings and where I stand when it comes to you

Adrian Thompson: Miguel… I am speechless; I don’t know what to say

Miguel Fiske: it’s ok, I am not expecting you to say anything. But to accept me as your lover

(Miguel start passionately kissing Adrian)

(Alarm Buzz)

(Adrian sits up in the bed and yawn)

Adrian Thompson: what time is it? (looking at Miguel who is fully dressed)

Miguel Fiske: a little after 8

Adrian Thompson: where are you going?

Miguel Fiske: I have a couple of errands to run that I want to get out of the way before the week start

Adrian Thompson: baby, can you do me favor before we leave?

Miguel Fiske: anything for you

Adrian Thompson: can you grab my over night back out of my car while I take a quick shower, then we can head out; I need to run over to the office to finish packing up everything to move it into my new office

Miguel Fiske: no problem, I can do that for you but you don’t have to worry about rushing; I will grab a cab so you can take your time

Adrian Thompson: are you sure? (Miguel nods his head) thank you so much (kissing him on his lips)

(Adrian enters the shower, while Miguel leaves the room)

(While grabbing the bag out of the car, Miguel sees a reminder note for Adrian to meet up with his mother for dinner)

(Miguel takes the note and put it in his pocket)

[Scene change in front of Adrian’s loft]

(CJ wakes up in his car)

Christopher Johnson: so he didn’t even come home last night

(CJ looks out the window and up to where Adrian’s bedroom is)

(CJ calls Adrian’s phone again and again it goes straight to voicemail)

(CJ starts the car and drives off)

Christopher Johnson: something is definitely not right, wait until I see Miguel again

[Scene changes to Adrian’s old office]

(Adrian walks into the office)

(Adrian exhale deeply)

Adrian Thompson: I remember when I first got this job (smiling at the thoughts from the memories)


Christopher Johnson: excuse me sir, I am running a little late to my audition but do you know where I can find Comet Theater

Adrian Thompson: yes, if you go down about three more lights and make a left, you should run into it on your right hand side

Christopher Johnson: thank you so much (takes off running)

(Adrian walks into the building and up to the receptionist)

Adrian Thompson: Good morning, I have an interview with Charles McKinley

(A guy walks up to Adrian)

Charles McKinley: that will be me

Adrian Thompson: good morning, it is a pleasure to finally meet you


(Adrian is packing things away into a box)


Charles McKinley: I see that you are not only among the top in your class but you were also very active with your activities as well did internship with Motion Records. Can I ask why did you choose to do intern with them?

Adrian Thompson: I choose Motion Records because after studying their history; I saw that they have talented artist that were not being marketed correctly, so I saw an opportunity to excel as their marketing intern to lead to a promise job lead after college

Charles McKinley: is that position still open for you?

Adrian Thompson: Yes, I am very close most of the Directors and CEOs. I feel like taking that position will limit my full capacity to market on different levels on a global scale. That’s why I choose to come here instead so that I can go to businesses like Motion Records for example and buyout their marketing and take control over multiple accounts.

Charles McKinley: how confident do you feel about a position like this?

Adrian Thompson: very confident, with my determination I will not only strive but I will achieve as well bring this company among the best out there

Charles McKinely: Mr. Thompson

Adrian Thompson: Yes

Charles McKinely: you are hired

Adrian Thompson: thank you, I will accept the position


(Adrian looks at his first Holiday party picture with the company)

After all of the hard work, it finally pays off in four years. This was my first real opportunity out of college, which gave me my first love that brought along a lot of drama in the end. If all of that could have been minus but still have my son with the love of my life then my life would have been perfect. But it’s time to wake up and realize that no one and nothing is perfect, we all have our flaws but it’s how we deal with them is how we will grow as an person and I am still growing

[Scene change to Momma House]

(Knock, knock)

(Angela opens the door and sees Miguel)

Angela Benson: Mr. Fiske how are you, it been so long since I last saw you

Miguel Fiske: I am doing well and how about you Ms Benson

Angela Benson: nothing can make this old lady feel any worst!

Miguel Fiske: (laugh) I see you still got your youth in you

Angela Benson: boy, stop being such a sweet talker, if you were gay, you will make the perfect lover for my son

Miguel Fiske: I didn’t come to stay long but I brought you something back from my trip

Angela Benson: awww you shouldn’t have

Miguel Fiske: it’s the least I can do (handing her an unknown drink)

(Angela drinks the entire bottle)

Angela Benson: this was really good… hold on… I am starting to get a little light head… where is my chair, where is my chair (looking around the room, all along standing right next to her sofa)

Miguel Fiske: sit right here (helps Angela sit on the sofa)

(Angela tilt her head back and went into a silent sleep)

[Scene change to Den]

Terry Boldman: there is nothing like a Sunday breakfast at the den

Jason Goodie: I don’t know why we came here; I could have made you it at home

Terry Boldman: baby you got to admit, the den got the best Sunday’s brunch, why stay at home when you can come here and eat heaven

Jason Goodie: yeah I guess so if you want to put it like that but…

(James walk into the den, Jason sees him and start to get uncomfortable)

James Walkerton: Terry! My boy how you been?

(Terry stands up to greet James)

(James nod his head towards Jason, Jason roll his eyes)

Terry Boldman: what are you doing here, it’s not poet night

James Walkerton: (laugh) I came here to meet my boyfriend

Terry Boldman: who are you dating and when were you going to tell me this?

James Walkerton: man chill out, you don’t need to know everything I am doing, plus he will be here soon so you will get to meet him

Terry Boldman: question, why did you let Jason go?

Jason Goodie: Terry I told you I was going to find a new job and for you not to worry about it

(James gets quiet and looks at Jason)

(Markel walks into the den)

Markel Cell: sup baby boy

(James and Markel exchange kisses)

James Walkerton: I want you to meet my homeboy Terry and his lover

Markel Cell: I have met you before right

Terry Boldman: yeah I seen you around before

(Ryan on the other side of the den is just watching everything)

Ryan Brown: please do not tell me that bitch is his new boyfriend (asking his friend sitting next to him) ohhh hell no!

(Ryan gets up and storm over to James)

Ryan Brown: so you are the one that been calling up my phone and telling me that he got something to tell me. So it was you

James Walkerton: I did not even realize you were here, shouldn’t you be in Sunday school with the rest of the kids

Ryan Brown: is this fool trying to read me (looking back at his friend that is still sitting down away from them) you must not know about me

Markel Cell: it is over between me and you, accept it and move on, I did

Ryan Brown: no! It is not over between us, just because this bitch thinks he can come up in here and take you away from me and think I am going to allow that

Markel Cell: what don’t you understand, it’s over

Ryan Brown: (trying to hold back tears) you don't need to pick him over me

Markel Cell: yes I am picking him over you; now leave us alone

Terry Boldman: look, it’s not even worth crying or fighting over no man, you will find someone else

Ryan Brown: did I ask you for your opinion

Jason Goodie: don’t talk to my boo like that

Ryan Brown: bitch whatever! Markel baby, take me back, (Markel starts shakking his head) why?!

James Walkerton: because you are a good for nothing hoe

Ryan Brown: what did you call me? (reaching on the table to grab the coffee cup to throw the coffee on James but it splashes all over Markel instead)

Jason Goodie: Whoa!

(Owner fires off a gun shoot to bring back the peace)

Ryan Brown: baby I am so sorry, so sorry, baby I am, sorry

Markel Cell: stay the hell away from me (evil eyeing Ryan)

[Scene change to Adrian’s old Office]

(Adrian is finishing up packing away his things)

(Kevin walks into the office)

Kevin Zacland: I didn’t know that you were still here

Adrian Thompson: I am just about done and congrats again man on getting my spot

Kevin Zacland: someone had to fill it; they saw me as the perfect fit because I was shadowing you for the past two years

Adrian Thompson: I am glad they gave it to you, you will do well

Kevin Zacland: thanks Adrian (smiling)

Adrian Thompson: a new position, a new office and a new lover, I am thinking about changing my number and erasing away my past

Kevin Zacland: why would you want to do something like that for?

Adrian Thompson: I don't know, maybe it is because that speech Miguel gave me last night, seems like he is seriously for me and only me but as much as I want to fully trust him and really give him my love without hold it back, something is telling me not to let it go yet, to hold on for a little longer

Kevin Zacland: I will agree with your other voice, it is still too early

(Knock, knock on the office door)

Adrian Thompson: who is it? (looking at Kevin but he snug his shoulder) come in

(Miguel opens the door)

Adrian Thompson: um… baby what are you doing here?

Miguel Fiske: I was thinking since you got a new promotion, a new office, a new life and lover, I was thinking that we can do things united. So I got us a family plan and was dropping off your new phone

Adrian Thompson: um… (looking at Kevin)

(Kevin raises one of his eye brows)

Miguel Fiske: you don’t even have to worry about your other phone, you can terminate your contract and we can start off new on the family plan

Adrian Thompson: wow, this is so fast, how about I just freeze my phone and use this one for the meantime

Miguel Fiske: that will work with me (kissing Adrian on the lips) I have to get going, I will see you tomorrow evening (blows Adrian a kiss as he walks through the door)

(Adrian gets up and walks to the door to make sure Miguel left, and then turns back around to Kevin)

Adrian Thompson: just as I was thinking about it, he did it; could this mean that we are meant to be together?

Kevin Zacland: or he could be trying to cover something up, like I said before it’s too early to be that exclusive

(Adrian’s new phone starts to ring)

Adrian Thompson: hello?

Vanessa Vinning: Hi Adrian

Adrian Thompson: who is this?

Vanessa Vinning: it’s me Vanessa, you don’t recognize my voice?

Adrian Thompson: I just got this phone, how did you get the number?

Vanessa Vinning: Miguel called me and gave it to me, anyway, I was calling to invite you over for dinner tonight; Donovan misses you

Adrian Thompson: just as I finish here in the office I will come over

Vanessa Vinning: ok, I will see you later

(Adrian hangs up the phone)

Adrian Thompson: maybe he is trying to cover something up

Kevin Zacland: just don’t give him a hundred percent yet, give him ten percent but make it seems like it’s a hundred

(Kevin help Adrian finish packing away his things and just before Adrian is about to walk out the office)

Kevin Zacland: I’ve been thinking about what happen that night

(Adrian stops and run around)

Kevin Zacland: I just thought I should let you know

(Adrian smiles and leaves the office)

[Scene change to Vanessa’s Apartment]

Vanessa Vinning: goog-goog-gaga

(Vanessa say into the crib as Donovan smiles looking up at his mommy)

Vanessa Vinning: you know your daddy is coming over for dinner right; and he can’t wait to see you

(Vanessa remembered she has the stove on, leaves the living room)

(Vanessa starts humming to herself as takes the chicken out of the oven)

(Adrian enters the apartment and walk into the kitchen)

Vanessa Vinning: you made it!

Adrian Thompson: yeah and this is for you

Vanessa Vinning: awww thank you (taking the flowers in a vase from Adrian) I’m going to place this on the table

Adrian Thompson: it smells so good in here, what did you make? (looking on top of the stove)

(Donovan starts crying in the background)

Vanessa Vinning: it looks like he know that you are here

Adrian Thompson: seem like he has picked up on his senses really fast

Vanessa Vinning: our baby is a genius

Adrian Thompson: all we need for him to do is talk, walk and be potty train by next week then we both will be good (laughing)

Vanessa Vinning: don’t you think you are asking too much

(Adrian picks up Donovan out of the crib and he stops crying)

Adrian Thompson: no not at all (smiling looking at his son)

(Donovan hiccup, Adrian starts patting his back)

Vanessa Vinning: you are not supposed to pat his back, just rub it, did you read the books?

Adrian Thompson: yes I read them but don’t expect me to remember word for word out of all of them (shaking his head)

Vanessa Vinning: it’s just not good to pat his back so from now on… please don’t

Adrian Thompson: ok!

(Adrian sits down in the chair and is rocking Donovan back and forth)

(Vanessa place a plate with food in front of Adrian)

Adrian Thompson: where is Brian? He is not coming over for dinner tonight?

Vanessa Vinning: no, we broke up

Adrian Thompson: why, what happen?

Vanessa Vinning: he thought he could live a double lifestyle with me

Adrian Thompson: what?!

Vanessa Vinning: you didn’t know he was gay or bisexually, whatever he wants to call it

Adrian Thompson: I assume it but never had it confirmed, how did you find out?

Vanessa Vinning: well I caught him on multiple accounts: he was watching on gay porn on my computer, I notice the way he be looking at you and he caught an STD; that’s what really made me aware of what he was doing

Adrian Thompson: wow, I am shock… I didn’t even pick up on any of it

Vanessa Vinning: you didn’t see the way he be looking at you

Adrian Thompson: not really, half the time I wasn’t really paying him much attention, by the way, this food is really good

Vanessa Vinning: thank you, I always thought he was trying to pick a fight with you so he could be alone with you

Adrian Thompson: that could be possible but then again didn’t pay him much attention

(Adrian squishes a green bean and feed it to Donovan but he spits it out)

Adrian Thompson: it seems like he doesn’t like vegetables yet

Vanessa Vinning: I haven’t started feeding him baby food yet, just powdered liquid

(Adrian takes the napkin and cleans up the rejected food)

Vanessa Vinning: so I see you and Miguel are dating now

Adrian Thompson: (looks up at Vanessa) yeah we are giving it a try

Vanessa Vinning: can you promise me one thing?

Adrian Thompson: what’s that?

Vanessa Vinning: not to have a lot of partners running in and out of your life, I don’t want Donovan to experience unhealthy relationships

Adrian Thompson: I can understand what you are talking about; you know how people can be, they are this way now but then you found out they are a complete stranger down the road

(Vanessa gets up and cleans up the table and gives Adrian a bottle to feed Donovan)

(Adrian gets up and walk into the living room and sits on the ground in front of the couch)

(Vanessa put away the food, washes the dishes and cleans up the kitchen)

(Vanessa walks out into the living room and finds Adrian sleep on the floor with Donovan on top of him)

{Middle of the night}

(Adrian wakes up in the same spot he fell asleep in)

(Adrian looks at Donovan who is sound asleep on top of him)

(Adrian gets up trying not to move Donovan too much to wake him)

(Vanessa is standing in the hallway leaning on the wall)

Vanessa Vinning: I see you finally woke up

Adrian Thompson: I didn’t realize I was so tired (walking towards Vanessa)

(Adrian walk pass Vanessa and into Donovan’s room and place him in his crib)

(Adrian walks back into the living room)

Vanessa Vinning: are you leaving?

Adrian Thompson: no, just going to get comfortable on the couch

Vanessa Vinning: don’t be silly, you can sleep on the bed

[Next Morning]

(Adrian wakes up yawning)

(Vanessa walks into room with Donovan in her arms)

Adrian Thompson: he is awake already?

Vanessa Vinning: he woke up two hours ago, you didn’t hear him crying?

Adrian Thompson: no I must have been knocked out

(Vanessa leaves the room as Adrian gets up and start getting dressed)

(Adrian walks out of the room into the living and Vanessa is watching Veggie Tales)

(Adrian picks up a letter that someone slide underneath the front door)

Adrian Thompson: this must be for you he said (handing Vanessa the letter)

(Adrian kisses the both of them; then head for the door)

Adrian Thompson: I will call you later

(Adrian leaves)

(Vanessa gets up and place Donovan in the crib)

(Vanessa opens the letter and sees that it’s from Brian and start reading it)

Dear Vanessa,

I’m sorry and I do not even know where to start. There should have been a lot of things that I should have been up front with you about from the beginning, especially my past. When I was younger, my brother and I were raped by my step father brothers. It turn out that they were sexually abusing Ryan for several months before I found out and try to defend him. Prior to that, I started to notice a different side of Ryan but never in my wildest dream would I have thought that was happening to him. I came home from basketball practice one day while my mom was out of town visiting her ill mother to catch my step father downstairs while his two brothers were upstairs taking turn on Ryan. I rushed into the room and pushed them off him. They weren’t too happy to see stopping their little fun, so they left the room and told our step father what I did. I’m thinking that he would have been more defending on our behalf; he came into the room and punched me in my face. I was in disbelief because the man my mother married is actually aiding the rape. He pin me down and allow his brothers to do me then he finished me off. My mom never made it back from visiting her mother; she died of depression as the doctors called it. Me and Ryan were told that we had to live with our grandmother. My grandmother never cared for us, not once has she ever called to tell us happy holiday or birthday as far as I could remember. So I knew moving in with her would be a living hell, so me and Ryan moved into an apartment and been living there ever since. When you go through something like that and have no one to talk to about it but curl up on your bed every night and cry about it. It took a toll on me and I only could imagine what it has done to Ryan since he had been experiencing it longer then I have. Ryan gave into the lifestyle because he didn’t know any better, while I tried to fight it. When I saw you at the mall, I was like I have found my princess and only if she could kiss me; it will clean me of my past. But the past never went away.

(Vanessa continues to read the remaining of the four page letter)

(After Vanessa finish reading the letter, she throws it into the trash can)

[Scene change to Kevin’s Office]

(Kevin walks into his new office with the secretary following behind him)

Secretary: good morning Mr. Zacland, I place the breakdown of all of Adrian’s old accounts on your desk with all their contact information, you might want to run through them all and inform all the clients that you are Adrian’s replacement. You have a Board of Director’s meeting at ten, lunch with the shareholders at noon, you have meeting with the audit at four, and you have to speak at the School of Business at UCLA at eight. I also forgot the flowers and balloons are from us as congratulation, I will be at my desk if you need me

(Kevin sits down at the desk and sees pile of seventeen pages full with contact information)

Kevin Zacland: this is going to take me a few days to go through them all, did Adrian really stay on top of all of this

(Kevin starts making his call around and e-mail blast)

(Knock, knock on his office door)

Kevin Zacland: come in

(CJ enters)

Kevin Zacland: CJ?

Christopher Johnson: isn’t this Adrian’s office?

Kevin Zacland: he was promoted and moved to a new location

Christopher Johnson: (sigh) did he change his number as well

Kevin Zacland: CJ close the door and have a seat

(CJ closes the door and sits down)

Kevin Zacland: you know that Adrian is in a relationship with Miguel, right?

Christopher Johnson: you know him too

Kevin Zacland: I don’t know him, just saw him a couple of times

Christopher Johnson: tell me what you know about him and where I can find him

Kevin Zacland: you are asking the right questions to the wrong person

Christopher Johnson: something is not right about that guy

Kevin Zacland: when I saw Adrian yesterday, he mention something about changing his number and erasing his past, so I think that it’s time that you let him go

Christopher Johnson: so you are saying that Adrian is happy with him and that there is no future for me and him

Kevin Zacland: pretty much CJ, just let it go; if he wants you he will call you

[Scene change to Charlie’s Apartment]

(Terry walks down the hallway towards Charlie’s apartment)

(Terry stops in front of Charlie’s door and see some red marking but couldn’t make out the words)

(Terry knocks on the door but get no response)

(Terry head downstairs to the leasing office)

Building Manger: good morning, how can I assist you?

Terry Boldman: I’m here to check on unit H13

Building Manager: I have a move in special on that unit, would you be interested in hearing more?

Terry Boldman: move in? That apartment is suppose to be occupied by my cousin

Building Manager: I’m sorry but that unit has been vacant for several days now

(Terry is thinking, what the fuck, in his head)

(Terry turns around and leaves)

Building Manager: OK?

(Terry head to the police station)

(Terry walks into the police station)

(There’s a lot of noise in the station)

Receptionist: how can I help you?

Terry Boldman: I need to file a missing person for my cousin

Receptionist: does he have a cell phone?

Terry Boldman: it has been disconnected

Receptionist: does he have an apartment, house?

Terry Boldman: it has been vacant for the past few days

Receptionist: ok then, just sign your name here and have a seat, someone will be with you shortly

(Terry signs in then seat down in the waiting area)

(Two hours goes by)

Officer: Terry Boldman

(Terry stands up)

Officer: right this way

“Love Has It's Own Hidden Agenda…”